5 Reasons Why Corporates are choosing CoWorking Spaces in Mumbai

5 Reasons Why Corporates are choosing CoWorking Spaces in Mumbai

CoWorking as a concept started on a tiny scale in 1999 for coders, and took a more organized form in 2005 at San Francisco, CA as the Hat Factory by Brad Neuberg. There are currently 15,000+ coworking spaces across the world today. On a Global scale, the top 5 Brands who use cowork spaces are Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Alibaba & Samsung.

In India, the CoWork space concept has recently taken shape in 2017-18 as a mode of working for primarily Startups and Freelancers. But Corporates, SME’s, MSME’s and SMB’s are also joining the Coworking space bandwagon. CoWorking is disrupting the conventional norms of doing business. Co-working spaces provide entrepreneurs, especially startups, infrastructure facilities to help them grow, as they try to make it big in the industry. However, co-working spaces are not limited to digital nomads, startups, and entrepreneurs alone anymore, the co-working concept has entered the mainstream and how!

On account of rising commercial real estate prices, co-working in Mumbai is now a favoured option for Corporates, SMEs, MSME’s and SMB’s too. Moving to co-working spaces in Mumbai, helps them cut-down on unnecessary costs and time, and invest that money in making the business more productive and profitable.

Increasing real estate prices, overhead expenses, need for networking opportunities, flexibility, quality, etc., make working out of a coworking space in Mumbai, a sought-after option for Corporates and SMB’s. According to some industry estimates, a company can save as much as 30% on the operational cost alone, by choosing a coworking space in Mumbai.

As per a recent JLL report, in January-June 2018, co-working spaces in India, leased 19 lakh sq ft, compared with mere 6.4 lakh sq ft in the first half of 2017. In 2017, co-working spaces in India formed 5% of the leased space in the country. The number of coworking space users across India is pegged at 13.5 million by 2020.

Of the overall demand for co-working space in India, 40-45 percent comes from corporates and large enterprises. Of the balance, small and medium enterprises along with individual professionals contribute 35-40 percent of the demand with 15-25 percent from start-ups. Also, a co-working space is likely to lead to cost savings of 20-25 percent in markets like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune compared with leasing a traditional office space. Currently, there are around 350 co-working players/service providers operating an estimated 500 shared workspaces across the country, compared with less than 30 in 2010.

As per a recent case study, IndiaMART was building a new product needing a team of 25 with a strategic environment. To set up a new office would have taken them weeks, if not months. They were able to set up and start work within 30 minutes, buy picking a coworking space.

Here are the 5 Reasons why Corporates are choosing CoWorking Spaces in Mumbai


Located at the Heart of Mumbai, in Prabhadevi, away from the traffic woes, our location at Mascots gives you the best of both worlds.


It turns out to be an economically viable option as there are no lease investments involved in renting a seat/s/cabins, thus, there is no tension of large deposits and getting committed in long term agreements when you decide to have your team work at Mascots.


Choosing a coworking space in Mumbai offers a lot of flexibility, and at Mascots, we offer the flexibility of choosing the number of workstations on monthly/quarterly/annual basis as per your requirement.


What corporates need and are used to for high productivity are all available at Mascots. Enterprise Speed Internet Connection, Unlimited Tea & Coffee,  Printing and Photocopying Facilities, Wifi Enabled Meeting Room, Reception Facilities, Dedicated Telephone Connection and to add to it an Open Air Cafeteria, plus many more.

Collaboration & Productivity

At Mascots we offer a great open work environment, which harnesses Collab opportunities  with professionals from other domains and can help employees stay updated to market trends and enhance his/ her skills or integrate new skills. With regards to increasing productivity, our plans for the near future for multiple branches across the cowork space in Mumbai, including Andheri East, BKC and others, and through associations with operators who have spaces at multiple locations, you can provide the nearest options to employees—saving time and improving productivity.


To Schedule a Visit at 103/104 Orbit Plaza, Next to Reliance Digital, New Prabhadevi Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai or contact our Community Manager, Piyush Valendra on +919653316813 or email we@mascots.co.in

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