Highlights from Freshning Friday @ Mascots

As we discussed in the previous blog that Coworking helps people network by providing various ways for them to be comfortable breaking the ice, and making it easy.

One of the opportunity in which it helps by generating contacts through events in two common ways is

a. Either helping members host an event and give awaybusiness cards around, generating awareness among customers for their business.
b. Or members attend events hosted by others at theircoworking space so that they get to meet as many new people there and develop their network.

Last Friday, we had a causal event after hours in evening to help members connect with each other and revitalize themselves with some refreshing desert and cooler.

Swati Gori, a professional patisserie chef was here to engage her skills and recipe of amazing desert and cooler with the community. Let’s go through the event recap and insights.

#moment1 the event started with the introduction by our guest chef Swati followed by sharing her experience and display of some fantastic simple skills to make professional desert at home.

#moment2 “The only thing better than talking about food is eating”. As the saying goes, our members were feeling the same. Everyone was so excited to eat and relish it.

#moment3 Food is the ingredient that binds us together. I believe most of the networking happens when we enjoy eating together. Although men are less interested in cooking but our members being 80% men. Ha-ha! They showed a lot of enthusiasm in making their toppings for desert.

# moment4 This is just a simple example of one of our member who doesn’t really enjoy food and cooking stuff. But still he was present at the event just to connect with new people and build network in the coworking community. As we mentioned earlier networking is a long game, being a part of all the events hosted by the coworking community can give you great collaboration benefits in future.

#moment5 It’s not just about collecting contacts and connecting them. Networking is to build relations and make friends. Our motto was to build a stress free environment where our members can feel free and be friends with each other. At the end of the event we could see our members chilling with each other and playing games together.

Ensure that you attend events hosted at your coworking space so that you get to meet as many new people there and develop your network. You never know a simple hello could lead to million things in life.

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