5 detox strategies to kill the social media addiction.

“Disconnect to Connect”

The past 20 years have seen unbelievable advances in our quality of life, mainly because of the rapid advancement in technology. A nasty, dare I say fatal, side effect of this is that we assume that if it is new, it is good. We never question technology itself. We never declare any piece of innovation as harmful to mankind. Technology, especially social media, needs human oversight to make sure that the quality of life it brings, doesn’t destroy us in other ways. Let’s get out of virtual reality and learn how to bring back the simplicity and positivity in life:

1. Limit activities on social mediaThere is no need to use social media to be a social person. Excess use of social media makes us unsocial. Free of likes and filters and being obsessed with getting that right Instagram post for the most hearts. It’s time to do more of productive things and free yourself from social media distractions.

2. Focus on your hobbyEverybody has a hobby, and if you have at least one hobby that doesn’t involve staring at a screen, even better. You’ll have more time to invest in these hobbies, and who knows – you might even get better at them! Even if it’s as simple as playing cricket or reading the newspaper, make sure you have something to preoccupy you during a slow Sunday afternoon.

3. Meditation – Virtual reality makes our life more complicated, rather than wasting our valuable time surfing on socia media if we meditate for half an hour everday it would make our mind stable and constant. The most active form of developing critical thinking is through meditation. Your mind becomes an active place for several activities such a s: cleansing of mind from rubbish which may lead to wrong actions and decisions; accepting healthy thoughts into the cleansed mind; and letting the good ideas come to work and change the way you think. A clear and healthy mind is only achieved through frequent meditation. Make it a regular part of your daily or weekly regimen and you will surely be surprised at the results.

4. Get information the old-fashioned way If you use a tablet, with a lot of games and apps installed, for reading, replace it with a simple paper book (they still exist out there, believe it or not). Let nothing distract you while reading, so you can immerse in your imagination entirely, without reacting to external stimuli.

5. Building positive habits – You will find more time to build positive habits after limiting social media activities. You can engage in habits like positive self talk, thinking before acting, reading at least three pages a day, watching inspiring videos, meeting new people, face to face conversations with friends and family, practicing public speaking, writing every day, etc.

Do not miss the beauty of life due to social media addiction. Never regret saying, I did not try any new things”. Feel free and observe the beauty of life and realize that life is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know if the chocolate tastes good or bad until you taste it. Try to get new experiences from life; you don’t know what amazing thing is waiting for you.


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