Tips to pick Business Name for Startups in 2019

As a potential Startup, SME, MSME that is starting to consider getting into business mode, one of the very first steps is picking a name for your Business. Thereafter if you are a Founder based in Prabhadevi, Dadar or Parel in and looking for a CoWorking Space in Mumbai, you would prefer working out of a CoWorking Space in Prabhadevi which is centrally located, rather than from home/office, for long term legal reasons, like Business Registration, GST Registration, etc.


We reached out to our community here at our Coworking Space in Prabhadevi, and collated the insights to help you budding entrepreneurs with Tips to pick a Business Name for your Startup in 2019.


business name tips 2019



As passionate entrepreneurs you want to stand out of the crowd and having a unique name is definitely one key element to consider in picking the name for your business.


Whilst it is difficult to resist the temptation, try and stick with the right spelling, especially since it will aid in customers searching for your business on Google. Example, if your business name is Spicy Foods, avoid spelling it as Spiiccy Food. It might help with the audience from the branding perspective, but could hamper the organic search.

Domain Availability

The next important step is to check Domain availability of your Business Name, as you are in all likelihood going to need it for a website and professional email address.

Social Media Handles

The next step in order of importance is checking availability on Social Media for the business name handles on your preferred platforms of Digital marketing.


The second last thing in the process of priorities is the legal registration of your business name, and making sure it is available.


Start the process with 10-20 possible names, and the above filtering leaves you 3-5 possible options. Take these to relevant potential audiences that match your buyer persona and let their inputs help you pick on the one.

Once you are done with picking a name for your business, your next step is taking the leap from working out of home/office or coffee shops in Dadar, Parel, Prabhadevi and getting to the next stage which is picking a CoWorking Space at Prabhadevi which is centrally located.

For Startups, SME’s and MSME’s based locally, we have a Special 3 Day Trial Offer, so you can get a feel of how it is CoWorking at Prabhadevi with Mascots CoWork. Thereafter you will be in a better situation to make your decision, and decide what will be your registered office address, to grow your business and take it to the next level in 2019.

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