Road from Layoff to Entrepreneurial Success

The late Steve Jobs once told a group of Stanford graduates that “getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to [him]”

The technology-driven world in which we live is a world filled with promise but also challenges. Cars that drive themselves, machines that read X-rays, and algorithms that respond to customer-service inquiries are all manifestations of powerful new forms of automation. Yet even as these technologies increase productivity and improve our lives, their use will substitute for some work activities humans currently perform—a development that has sparked much public concern.

As per the stats, India and many other countries are experiencing a major job cut. And advancement in technology has played a major role. People are opting to reskill themselves. What if people seldom wants to switch from doing job to open a small business? What all are those things that are essential for a person to become micro entrepreneur?

  1. Idea.
  2. Validation.
  3. Funds.
  4. Incorporation.
  5. Workspace.
  6. Operational and ancillary services.
  7. Customers and Clients
  8. Marketing.

Don’t panic. Breathe deeply. The halls of history are crowded with people who have been fired–friends and family members, the coaches of losing football teams, all those contestants on The Apprentice. Of course, that knowledge may not be very soothing if, moments ago, you were standing on a street corner outside your former place of employment, a box of your belongings in your hands, a dazed look on your face . . . and now you’re flipping through this magazine and thinking, “I don’t need a pep talk–I need money, and I need a $@#%& life!”

Similar to the stages that one goes through after losing a loved one, there are eight stages–incredulity, humiliation, terror, resentment, acceptance, perspective, action and control–that an unsuspecting person goes through after they’re fired, says Francie Dalton, a business consultant in Columbia, Maryland, whose firm has done a lot of work in management and HR.

Again, don’t panic. Just breathe deeply. The ax has fallen on just about everybody at one time or another, and if you look at this in the right way, you might someday thank the person who did the swinging.

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